Our premium water enhancer is infused with zinc and electrolytes, which are excellent for boosting your immune system. It’s made with only 100% natural ingredients, so you won’t find any harsh artificial ingredients or artificial colors. And, while we add a touch of sugar to enhance the absorption of electrolytes into your system, our boosters are VERY low in sugar.

Clear Theory was developed with our patented liquid disbursement technology that allows the product to easily and evenly disperse into your water.

We promise 100% transparent hydration, which means nothing artificial! Crystal clear water with a boost of flavor and benefits. No BS.

Just add two squeezes for every 8 oz. of water, or find your own level of flavor. Clear theory can also be added to seltzer, club soda, or sparkling water for a boost with bubbles. It’s totally customizable.

If you’re parents, like us, you’ll appreciate that Clear Theory makes it easier to get your kids hydrating regularly without a fuss!

With the possibility of a global pandemic being our new reality, we got to thinking about making wellness a hassle-free and accessible way of life.
No gimmicks. Just transparent hydration with flavor. A hydrated body is a more resilient body.

Clear Theory can also be a tiny step toward a healthier planet. We recommend using your personal water bottle and reducing plastic waste.