Boost your Immune System: Zinc

We all know what our immune system does and how to make it stronger, right? Right. Well...maybe not completely.

As we weather the storm of the global pandemic, COVID-19, health has become at the forefront of our psyches. For many of us, it has been an all-consuming topic: how do we stay healthy and ideally, not catch this thing? For some, COVID-19 has been a wakeup call -- one that forced us to pay attention to our health like never before. For others, maintaining a strong immune system was second nature, and a lot of the safety protocols implemented during COVID-19 (like hand-washing) were already a routine practice analogous to brushing one’s teeth. 

The immune system, which is built up of a complex network of organs, cells and proteins, protects us by keeping a record of every germ it has defeated in our lifetime and then uses that information to eliminate that same germ, should it ever cross our path again. When our immune system is functioning properly, it’s not something we notice day to day. But when our immune system is not doing its job and we start to feel ill, we certainly notice it then. 

Regardless of our pre-pandemic practices, overall health, or our opinion on the COVID-19 vaccine, most people can see the value of having a strong immune system. We understand that the basic function of our immune system is to help us fight off bacteria or viruses that can lead to infection. Despite this, we often do very little to actively support our immune response. 

With that said, the immune system can benefit from many practices that can help maintain its function -- ultimately keeping us healthy and vital. According to Harvard Health Publishing, adopting a healthy lifestyle is an important component to keeping our immune system strong.

This includes:

  • Getting good sleep 
  • Eating nutritious meals with many fruits and vegetables
  • Not smoking
  • Getting regular exercise 
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Drinking alcohol in moderation (if at all)
  • Reducing stress
  • Practicing good hygiene (like hand-washing)
  • Staying up-to-date with recommended vaccines 

In addition to this list of recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, studies indicate that both hydration and Zinc can help boost your immune system

Water is essential to maintaining all functions of the body, including the immune system, by delivering necessary nutrition through the bloodstream and eliminating toxins. Hydration is a natural way to achieve vitality and to keep your body healthy. Hydration, paired with Zinc, is a strong combination that can help ward off illness.

Zinc is a necessary mineral that helps the body maintain a strong immune response, healthy metabolism, and wound healing. Zinc can be sourced from foods such as oysters, chicken, red meat, and fortified cereals. Zinc can also be taken as a lozenge or supplement. Considering this winning duo, Clear Theory Water Booster developed a one-two punch: Zinc-enhanced hydration! Our water boosters contain essential electrolytes and immunity-supporting Zinc to help you get enough of the good stuff and maximize your health. Lucky you!


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